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Have you been dreaming about that 


installed in only a short few weeks? 



AMAZING KITCHENS & DESIGNS  is your one stop kitchen shop! Whatever you need regarding your kitchen renovation, we can provide!    

No kitchen is ever too big or too small, and every kitchen is designed and built to the highest standards the industry offers. Every kitchen is designed and built around your personal budget, but we will never compromise when it comes to the quality of our product.    

At  AKD  , we also offer the complete project management service to you our valued customer, to do your  kitchen renovation in the least disruptive and less upsetting way possible.    

If you are the handy type with some installation experience, we will also offer the option to install the kitchen yourself.    

At  AMAZING KITCHENS & DESIGNS  , we always use the best quality materials available to manufacture our cabinets and doors.   

We understand that renovation can often be a very stressful experience for the renovator/ homeowner, and that's why we have designed the entire experience in such a way, that you as owner can tell us what you want, and leave the rest in the hands of our professional team.    

Our services include:  

·      Professional measure.    

·      Quality Computer based Designing.    

·      Written Quote.    

·      Custom manufactured cabinets and doors.     

·      Manufacturing of laminate bench tops.    

·      Supply Stone bench tops.    

·      Project management.    

·      Supply of trades and services.    

·      Quality Installation.    

·      Excellent back up service and guarantees.    

Design Choices.  

You have the choice to combine various different materials used to manufacture the doors and bench tops to your exact choice.